How Accurate is for IELTS Essay Grading?

Chart that shows reliability of IELTS writing task 2 scoring using


Can AI help with IELTS? The question of whether AI can assist with IELTS is frequently raised on platforms such as Reddit and YouTube. We firmly believe that AI can be a valuable tool for IELTS preparation, provided it is used correctly.

At, we offer an AI-based approach to traditional services commonly known as "IELTS essay correction service" or "IELTS writing grading service." Our tool offers automatic, fast, and detailed feedback on IELTS essays, providing an accessible alternative to human evaluators.

The Tool Explained

Our AI tool uses a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to evaluate IELTS essays. It doesn't just look at grammar and vocabulary but also considers more complex elements such as coherence, cohesion, task achievement, and lexical resource—criteria that are part of the official IELTS Writing Task 2 evaluation.

We acknowledge the skepticism surrounding AI's grading capabilities. After all, grading involves a nuanced understanding of language that goes beyond mere syntax and grammar. To address these concerns, we conducted a benchmarking exercise comparing our tool to official IELTS grades.

Benchmarked Against Official Grading

For this purpose, we utilized a range of sample essays from bands 4 to 9, which are available on the website. We evaluated each essay using and compared the results to the evaluations provided by professional examiners from IELTS, which were included alongside the sample essays.

Scores given by vs official scores

I think shopping is becoming more and more popular as a leisure activity. For example The Tree Plan Shopping Center as a biggest shopping center in Adelaide. I'm working the take way shop in the T.T.P...


Who should be responsible for our People. It is true that the old Peoples situation gets worse in the many countries. The first question must be what they want’s and what they needs? Especially their...


Shopping as a leisure activity is an issue that araises an endless debates. There are, therefore, many arguments about positive and negative effects, In this essay I am writing to about the reasons of...


Who should be responsible for our old people? One of the most challenging problems of today's society is the question of who should be responsible for our old people. It's not only a financial problem...


Shopping is very popular among the majority of the population, despite their age or social standards. This is due to the fact that most people find shopping as an experience which makes a difference i...


Natural Variation in IELTS Grading

It is important to remember that no grading process, whether conducted by humans or AI, can achieve perfect precision. Even human examiners may differ by a range of 0.5-1 band, and occasionally even by 1.5 bands, in their evaluations. While's performance may not match the precision of a human examiner in every instance, it generally aligns closely with these variations. In the vast majority of cases, the results from fall within the same grading range. This demonstrates that is not only a viable option but also a practical and efficient tool for IELTS preparation, offering reliable feedback with an unmatched turnaround time.

Conclusion: AI as a Supportive Tool

While AI tools like cannot replace the nuanced understanding of a seasoned human grader, they do provide valuable benefits, including immediate feedback, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, these tools can offer valuable practice and insights for IELTS test-takers, complementing their preparation efforts.

At, we prioritize transparency and believe that it is essential to build trust with our users. We want our users to understand both the strengths and potential limitations of our AI tool. Therefore, we encourage our users to take multiple tests for better reliability and to use our tool as part of a balanced study plan.

If you are ready to experience the benefits of, we invite you to try our demo now. By leveraging the power of AI in your IELTS preparation, you can enhance your writing skills and increase your chances of success. We are here to support you on your journey to achieving your desired IELTS score.