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words: 243

Score & Suggestions

1. Total Score: 6

  • Task Response: 6
  • Coherence and Cohesion: 6
  • Lexical Resource: 6
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy: 6

2. Strengths and How to Maintain Them:

  • The essay attempts to address the prompt by discussing the reasons for shopping's popularity and its effects on individuals and society. ✅
  • The essay has a clear introduction and conclusion. ✅
  • The essay demonstrates some coherence and cohesion. ✅

To maintain these strengths, try to focus on developing a clear thesis statement and argument, and use specific examples to support your ideas. Additionally, work on improving the sequencing of ideas within paragraphs and the accuracy and variety of cohesive devices.

3. Top Areas for Improvement:

  • Area 1: Task Response

    • ✍️ Suggestion: Develop a clear thesis statement and argument that directly addresses the prompt. Use specific examples to support your ideas.
    • Example: Instead of discussing the positive and negative effects of shopping in general, focus on a specific aspect of the prompt, such as the impact of online shopping on local businesses.
  • Area 2: Coherence and Cohesion

    • ✍️ Suggestion: Work on improving the sequencing of ideas within paragraphs and the overall structure of the essay.
    • Example: Use clear transitions between ideas and make sure each paragraph focuses on a specific aspect of the argument.
  • Area 3: Lexical Resource

    • ✍️ Suggestion: Work on improving the precision and accuracy of word choice, and use more varied and idiomatic expressions.
    • Example: Instead of using general terms like "over consumption," use more specific terms like "excessive consumerism" or "hyperconsumerism."
  • Area 4: Grammatical Range and Accuracy

    • ✍️ Suggestion: Work on improving the accuracy of complex structures and reducing errors in grammar and punctuation.
    • Example: Use online resources or grammar books to practice more complex sentence structures, and proofread your essay carefully to catch errors in grammar and punctuation.

4. Summary:

Focus on developing a clear argument with specific examples, improving the sequencing of ideas, and using more precise and varied vocabulary. Keep practicing and proofreading to improve your grammar and punctuation. Keep it up! 😊

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