IELTS Advantages and Disadvantages Essay Template

What is Advantages and Disadvantages Essay? Advantages and Disadvantages essays require you to discuss the pros and cons of a particular issue or situation. The question might say "What are the advantages and disadvantages of?" You need to outline both the positive and negative aspects in a balanced manner.

Sample Question

Working from home has become more popular in recent years. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.


Linking words: This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of, In this essay, I will discuss the pros and cons of, This essay will explore the benefits and drawbacks of,


Linking words: One advantage of, Another advantage of, A third advantage of,


Linking words: One disadvantage of, Another disadvantage of, A third disadvantage of,


Linking words: In conclusion, To sum up, In summary, All in all, To put it simply,

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IELTS essay structure is evaluated as part of the Coherence and Cohesion rubric, which contributes 25% to the overall band.